Chance to Shine

Two million children are playing cricket today thanks to the ‘Chance to Shine’ schools’ cricket campaign.  Through the campaign we alongside fellow Counties across the Country are leaving a legacy of cricket in schools and educating thousands of children at the same time.

The idea is simple: link cricket clubs to local primary and secondary schools, fund qualified cricket coaches to deliver cricket sessions and matches in schools, train teachers and encourage children to come and play at cricket clubs.

How can cricket help your school?

We all know that competitive team sports can play a vital role in the educational and development of young people, offering opportunities to lead healthy, purposeful lives.

We also believe that cricket is special because it:

  • Teaches children the value of playing fair
  • Promotes leadership, teamwork and strategic awareness
  • Enables children to understand individual and collective responsibility as part of a team
  • Teaches respect for team-mates, opposition and officials
  • Insists on high standards of behaviour
  • Breaks down cultural and gender divides, and offers opportunities for children with disabilities and specials needs

How it works

Chance to Shine is delivered through individual projects by Suffolk Cricket Board Development Team or Cricket clubs.  Each project provides a structured coaching and competition programme for primary and secondary state schools.

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