Affiliation to the ECB and Suffolk Cricket Board 2019

November 23, 2018

ECB Club Affiliation 2019
Your Club Affiliation to the ECB via the Suffolk Cricket Board is due by 31st December 2018
A summary of the key headline benefits for affiliated clubs are:
✓ Access to advice and support from the Suffolk Cricket Development Team
✓ Priority access to Suffolk Cricket Board courses and workshops
✓ Access to County Welfare Officer for advice
✓ Access to Safe Hands policy
✓ Affiliation to Suffolk Grounds Association
✓ Access to ECB County pitch advisors and the county equipment trailer
✓ Insurance products available – further information is available
Further benefits are available to Clubs with junior sections.
All leagues in Suffolk require all entering Clubs to be affiliated to the ECB via Suffolk Cricket Board.
Annual affiliation fees payable to the Suffolk cricket Board are:
• Non Clubmark/Focus Clubs £30.00
• Clubmark/Focus Clubs £55.00
• All fees are due by 31st December 2018

Please contact if you are a key contact for your club and you haven’t received your email to do this.

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