Tune up your game with our Winter Coaching

October 23, 2020

We are pleased to provide details of our Winter 2020, 1:1 Coaching programme. For players who wish to develop their game during the close season.  Whether you’re a batsmen, bowler or keeper wanting to improve our coaching team are here to help you.

Open to players of all abilities, adult or junior (juniors must be in Year 5 or above).

The sessions are priced at £33 per session (with 2 people permitted per session). Further guidelines are highlighted below:

  • All sessions delivered with Suffolk Cricket Winter Training Guidelines
  • All session delivered in COVID-19 Risk Assessed venues.
  • Sessions are for 55 minutes. 
  • Max of 1 session per player per day.
  • Max of 2 players per session. (Both players must be working on the same discipline)
  • Sessions delivered by members of the Suffolk Young Cricketers coaching team (minimum ECB Level 2).
  • Up to 5 sessions available per slot
  • Suffolk Cricket will endeavour to provide consistency with coach allocation however this cannot be guaranteed.
  • Deadline for booking a session is 48 hours ahead of the session.
  • Please note bookings cancelled within 48 hours of the session taking place are non-refundable.
  • All coaches with current DBS and Safeguarding as well as First Aid trained.
  • Participants need to bring their own batting / bowling / keeping kit.

Should you have any queries please contact Andrew Blanchard.

Sessions can be booked via the links below:

Bury St Edmunds Centre (South Lee Community Sports Centre)

Mon 26th Oct – 6pm/7pm/8pm – https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/x7qrs1

Tue 27th Oct – 6pm/7pm/8pm – https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/h7qr7q

Wed 28th Oct – 6pm/7pm/8pm – https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/p7qrsq

Thur 29th Oct – 6pm/7pm/8pm – https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/m7qrsz

Sun 15th Nov – 9am/10am/11am/12pm – https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/g7q4sl

Sun 22nd Nov – 9am/10am/11am/12pm – https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/p7q4s0

Sun 29th Nov – 9am/10am/11am/12pm – https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/b7q4s0

Sun 6th Dec – 9am/10am/11am/12pm – https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/37q4sp

Sun 13th Dec – 9am/10am/11am/12pm – https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/d7q4s1

Framlingham Centre (Framlingham College)

Mon 2nd Nov – 6pm/7pm – https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/q7qcl1

Tues 3rd Nov – 5.30pm/6.30pm/7.30pm – https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/n7qcp9

Mon 9th Nov – 6pm/7pm – https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/g7qcl5

Tues 10th Nov – 5.30pm/6.30pm/7.30pm – https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/g7qcpp

Mon 16th Nov – 6pm/7pm – https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/z7qc0n

Tues 17th Nov – 5.30pm/6.30pm/7.30pm – https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/47qcpq

Mon 23rd Nov – 6pm/7pm – https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/g7qc0n

Tues 24th Nov – 5.30pm/6.30pm/7.30pm – https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/p7qcps

Mon 30th Nov – 6pm/7pm – https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/97qc04

Tues 1st Dec – 5.30pm/6.30pm/7.30pm – https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/d7qcpx

Mon 7th Dec – 6pm/7pm – https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/k7qc0r

Tues 8th Dec – 5.30pm/6.30pm/7.30pm – https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/z7qcpd

Mon 14th Dec – 6pm/7pm – https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/x7qc0g

Tues 15th Dec – 5.30pm/6.30pm/7.30pm – https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/v7qcp4

Ipswich Centre (Ipswich School)

Wed 4th Nov – 6pm/7pm – https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/d7qcp5

Wed 11th Nov – 6pm/7pm – https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/l7qcpg

Wed 18th Nov – 6pm/7pm – https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/17qc1b

Wed 25th Nov – 6pm/7pm – https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/k7qc16

Wed 2nd Dec – 6pm/7pm – https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/07q4s7

Wed 9th Dec – 6pm/7pm – https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/k7q4sm

Wed 16th Dec – 6pm/7pm – https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/v7q4s8


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