Women’s Softball Festivals

June 2, 2021

Women’s Softball Cricket Festivals were first a national program created by the England and Wales Cricket Board back in 2017 and ran for 3 years. We would like to carry on engaging and encouraging clubs to host Women’s Softball Cricket Festivals this summer. Since the start of the program we’ve been able to get 1000+ women across the county playing and having fun over the summer months.

What are they you ask?

A Women’s Softball cricket Festival starts off as a one off event, usually on a week day evening 6:00-8:00pm. The ladies turn up and greeted ready to start. Teams are arranged on the night and the format is pairs to ensure everyone gets a go. The event takes away the barriers usually seen for women to join in such as:

  • The ‘correct kit’
  • An expectation to know the sport
  • Serious (it’s fun!)
  • Having to commit to something (training or matches) for a season
  • The cost – it’s free!
  • Unlimited attendees – they can bring friends or the family for support. (covid reliant)


After the event has finished and the social aspect comes into play, it’s up to the club to speak to those who joined in to see:

  • What did they like?
  • Would they like to attend another Womens Softball Cricket Festival?
  • Is there an interest to mix games and skill activities together?

BBQ’s, a free drink and a chance to have a laugh have been attractive parts of joining in. The cricket clubs that have hosted festivals in the past have gone onto have a couple more in the season. Once that group have been engaged they’ve set up either a ladies team for the T20 Two Counties or played friendlies against other clubs.

It’s a great opportunity to engage with the wider cricket community for players, volunteers and engagement.

For more information on Women’s Softball festivals go to the ECB website, or contact Lara Neild.


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