Umpiring – Part 1

June 7, 2021

Officiating and umpires are arguably as important to cricket matches as players, because games cannot go ahead without them. Whether that is friendly umpiring your own batting team or officiating county fixtures as a qualified umpire, both are pivotal to the success of cricket in Suffolk.


This spotlight on umpiring is part of a two-part series on umpiring and officiating cricket. In this spotlight, Candy Cornelius recounts her umpiring career, including how and why she got involved in umpiring, and how she is encouraging as many people as possible to get involved!

“My decision to train and qualify as an ECB umpire and get my accreditation began several years ago. Being in my late 30’s, playing competitively was drawing to a close; yet I wanted to still be part of the positive changes in the women’s game. So, being out in the middle, officiating matches is the next best thing. You get to meet new talented youngsters and get to track and appreciate the progress of many players you have seen play or played against over the years.


The advances in female cricket over the past 6/7 years has been phenomenal and with each summer that passes, the standard of players gets progressively higher. I personally think having female umpires demonstrates to players that playing cricket is not the only way to be involved and stay involved. Umpiring has been synonymous with men in the past, but this is changing rapidly and with some girls and women new to the sport feeling more relaxed when there is a female umpire on the field, capable female umpires and officials are crucial to showcasing women in all areas of the game we all love.”

If you have been inspired by Candy and want to get advice from her on your own involvement in umpiring, including how best to start, please contact Candy here.

If you are interested in taking an umpiring course to gain qualifications to progress further or for further information on opportunities near you, please contact Lara Neild.


Look out for the second part of our spotlight on umpiring where Lisa Jones will be giving an alternative approach to getting involved in umpiring and how umpiring has helped her to participate in cricket, coming from an extremely cricket-centred family.


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