Easton CC

June 17, 2021

Easton Cricket Club is located in east Suffolk and hots women and girls teams for all ages and abilities. Easton CC is one of the 5 Suffolk clubs to play in the inaugural Women’s East Anglian Premier League this season, the highest league for club cricket in Suffolk.

Lizzie Shaw has captained the women’s side for many years and coaches in the junior setup. Here are Lizzie’s thought on Easton CC, her favourite things about playing cricket, and the potential impact of Women’s Big Cricket month on women and girls cricket.



What is your club motto?

Play hard, play fair but most of all, enjoy it!


What is the best thing about club cricket?

The best thing about club cricket is the bond you form with your team mates and having an excuse to see each other every week. At Easton we are more than just a group of people who play cricket, we are friends who have celebrated the highs together and supported each other through the lows both on and off the pitch.


What is the one piece of advice you would give to a woman or girl starting cricket?

My advice to anyone thinking about playing women’s cricket is to just give it a go! You’ll be surprised how easily it links into sports you’ve played before and it’s not that complicated once you get past the jargon. Everyone knows what it’s like to learn something new so the support and encouragement from your peers with help you enjoy it from your first session. Also, what other sport suggests you stop for sandwiches and cake halfway through!


What is the best tea item at your club?

Our team of tea ladies are amazing and have been greatly missed throughout the pandemic. The item that has been discussed the most and is always first to go are the famous ‘sticky sausages’ but with a wide selection of home-made cakes and tasty sandwiches on offer every week there is always something to make you go back for seconds!


How has your season gone so far?

We couldn’t ask for a better season with 2 wins out of of 2! This has given the squad a real confidence boost and has shown the hard work put in on the chilly weeks leading up to our first game really paid off.


What is your aim for this season?

In 2020 we really focussed on developing individuals game and ensured everyone was included and had a role in all the games played. Our aim for 2021 is to continue with this path of development, recruit more new players and enjoy the challenges that come with the new East Anglian Premier League format.


What is the funniest moment from the 2020 season?

It is impossible to pick a funniest moment of last season. We have fun on and off the pitch and often have to take a moment out during training as we all have the giggles. During lockdown we had weekly team zoom meetings and shared a lot of laughs looking back and reminiscing over the times we’ve had together as a squad and helping our newer members understand where some of the nicknames have come from.


What do you think is the biggest issue facing women and girls cricket at the moment?

The biggest issue for women’s cricket is the lack of exposure, funding and support available. At Easton we are very lucky that the women’s team play a massive role at the club and have the support from the men sides but I know this is not always the case. Women’s big cricket month is a great way to shine a light on the great work that is being done to promote the game and I hope this inspires others to get involved.


Can you sum up Easton CC in 3 words?

Fun, Friendly & Competitive



If you would like to follow Easton Women and girls’ season, go to Easton CC’s  play-cricket -page or follow them on social media, @ECC1906 on Twitter or @eastoncc1906 on Instagram. For Easton CC’s contact details or to find out more about the club, please contact Lara Neild who can put you in touch.

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