Scorer left ‘gobsmacked’ by England call-up

July 15, 2023

SCORER Alan Rogers said he was ‘gobsmacked’ after being called up to represent his country.

Tex, as he is universally known, was asked to score for England Over-50s in four fixtures.

The 65-year-old, who has scored for Suffolk across all age groups at both Youth and adult level, has just returned from his international tour of duty.

His first match was a one-day international versus India Over-50s at Broxbourne CC, which was part of their tour.

There then followed three matches at the Silver Dragon Trophy for Over-50s held at Newport CC in Wales – against the USA, India and Wales.

He said: “You are full of nervous energy at the start of the day but as the match progresses you are just putting into practice all your years of practice and knowledge.

“In addition, you find yourself in the scorebox with an equally competent scorer which makes the task in hand so much easier and enjoyable.”

Tex, who is now retired but worked for Lloyds Bank for 22 years and St John Ambulance for 12 years, said attending the Silver Dragon Trophy and the chance to mix with international cricketers was the highlight of his international experience.

Tex said: “I really have Sean Cooper of Worlington CC to thank for getting the call up for England. During Suffolk’s Over-50s campaign last year Sean told me that England needed a scorer for a cup competition in Barbados in November.

“I put my name down for that one but wasn’t lucky enough to be selected. Obviously, my name must have cropped up in conversation as I was asked my availability for this long weekend.

“I made myself available for all five fixtures and was totally gobsmacked to be asked to do the remaining four. I am really honoured and hugely chuffed to have represented my country.”

Tex, who lives in East Bergholt, has been associated with his local village club since 1975, playing and scoring before becoming full-time 1st XI scorer in 1993.

He has since scored for Suffolk Young Cricketers from U10s to U17s, the Seniors at O50s, O60s, and O70s, the Women’s XI, and the full Suffolk XI.

Tex, who was the official scorer for the Caymen Islands in an ICC tournament held in Essex in 2014, has also scored matches in Barbados, Dubai and the Netherlands.

He has scored or played in 25 counties up and down the country taking in some 270 grounds.

His England call-up meant he missed his first Saturday match for East Bergholt since September 2015, when he had to travel up to Cheshire to score for the Suffolk Women’s side.

“With just one Saturday missed in 2014 (Suffolk Minor County three-dayer versus Northumberland at Jesmond) and one in 2013 (Suffolk Over-50s semi final in Durham) it means that I have missed just four East Bergholt Saturdays in 20 plus seasons!”

Tex said that he has been asked to score for the Rest of the World team in the Over-60s world Cup being staged in Chennai, India next February and March. Finance will determine whether he is able to accept that appointment or not.

“Little did I realise what an interesting journey cricket would take me on after the PE master, the legendary Chris Pawsey, at East Bergholt Secondary Modern (now East Bergholt High School) first took me out of lessons to score for the school cricket team,” he said.

Alan Rogers (left) is pictured above with David Snellgrove (right) who is the captain of the England Over-50s team.


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