National Programmes Update – Time to upload your courses

February 2, 2024

We are happy to confirm that registrations will now be open nationwide from 13th March 2024, and delivery of courses can start from 10th May 2024.

As with previous years, a Priority Window for previous bookers – or anyone who has registered interest in National Programmes in 2024 – will open prior to the national launch date. For 2024, that date is Wednesday 6th March, which is a few weeks later than what you may be working towards, due to a change in our national timelines.

Therefore, key milestones are:

31st January – Clubs and Centres register courses on ClubSpark
6th March – Priority Window opens
13th March – General registrations open to everyone
10th May – Delivery of courses begin

We are currently experiencing some delays to our usual kit delivery process however we are aiming to deliver all participant packs prior to their course start date.


With the priority window for All Stars and Dynamos Cricket opening in 5 weeks today on 6th March, we want parents to have the widest range of booking options available to them, increasing the chance of capturing their registration when they first search for a local All Stars or Dynamos course.

Therefore if you’ve not already, please do your best to upload courses for both May, and the summer holiday period as soon as possible. Please also ensure that your courses are set up to be visible on the search results when parents and guardians are finding the best location for their children.

Here is our guide on how to upload courses. Visit ClubSpark where you can upload courses.


Stripe is the accounts system that ClubSpark uses to manage payments for your National Programmes and requires some updates from clubs from time to time. In preparation for setting up your new courses, we recommend you check your Stripe accounts now, to ensure all is in order and active, click here.

If you need any support we have some handy guides to help, search Stripe to find what you need.


We received lots of your questions before, during and after the Roadshow event towards the end of last year, so thanks for your imput. Our answers can be found here.

As always, if you have any general questions please get in touch with Andrew Blanchard | 07738 199150, you can also contact us via our helpdesk for All Stars here and Dynamos here

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