The Lord’s Taverners

Our Purpose

We exist to empower and positively impact the lives of young people facing the challenges of inequality.

Our Vision

Every young person can overcome the challenges of inequality and achieve their potential.

Our Mission

Deliver high quality cricket programmes that will empower young people facing inequality to make positive choices, improve their health and wellbeing and achieve positive outcomes.

What We Do

We are a community of people and organisations that collaborate to provide innovative, inclusive, and impactful cricket programmes, empowering young people with disabilities and from disadvantaged communities to develop the knowledge, skills, capabilities, and confidence required to overcome the challenges of inequality, raise their aspirations and reach their potential.

Driven by a passion for equality, we strive to be a lead organisation at the heart of social change, maximising our knowledge, experience and insight gained through our work with young people and their communities experiencing inequality. We will collaborate and become a credible, expert voice and influencer, shaping attitudes and approaches to unite communities in the drive to overcome inequalities.