Parent Portal

Parent Portal
This parent portal is designed to enhance your connection with the County Age Group Programme.
Apart from the parent induction seminar summary, a host of parent supporting documents will be drip fed online in an easy and accessible way; Parenting a pathway player, identifying talent, managing their expectations, the car journey home, creating thinkers and so much more will be covered through 2023 and beyond.
Understanding these, and other key areas play a key part in your child’s development.
For more information, please reach out to Andy Northcote, Performance Lead on


Parent Induction Summary

Pathway to England

Parent & Family Code of Conduct

Highlight Series – Car Journey

Highlight Series – Critical Thinkers

Highlight Series – Growth Mindsets

Highlight Series – Parents Matter

Highlight Series – Pressure

Highlight Series – Self Reflection

Highlight Series – Successful Cricketers