Strength and Conditioning

This Strength and Conditioning programme has been specifically created for players within the Suffolk Young Cricketers programme.  Please ensure you read the documents prior to doing any of the exercises to ensure the volumes are relevant to age groups.  Please also ensure that you view each exercise to learn the correct technique.  Should you have any queries contact a member of the SYC Coaching Team

Strength and Conditioning Outline

Strength and Conditioning Programme

Group 1 Exercises – Plank, Side Plank, Hip Extension, Leg Raise, Russian Twist

Group 2 Exercise – Squats, Lunges, Iron Chair, Calf Raise (Basic), Calf Raise (Advanced), Burpees

Group 3 Exercises – Press Up, Work Up Plank, T Press Up, Single Arm Press Up, Rocking Plank

Seam Bowlers – Medicine Ball Exercises