Fundraising is a vital – and fun – way to generate extra income for your cricket club and fund future development.

There are funding schemes in place through the ECB and other sources for capital and smaller projects but clubs must also find additional ways of generating income. This is where fundraising comes in.

Discover all you need to know about fundraising to make your club more financially secure on this page, including ideas, tools and resources to set you on your way.

Guide to fundraising

The ECB has a detailed fundraising guide for cricket clubs provides advice on managing events at your club as well as suggestions on how to bring your club and community closer together and raise valuable funds in the process.

easyfundraising allows your club to raise unlimited funds, simply from online shopping.

easyfundraising is the UK’s leading good-cause shopping site and gives your members and supporters a free way of generating money for your club. More than 2,000 clubs have registered with the site to date, raising over £350,000 in free donations.

Getting started with easyfundraising

Follow these easy steps to get started:

  1. Register your club.
  2. Once you’re registered, search for a retailer you’d like to shop with, such as M&S, John Lewis and Amazon. The retailer will make a donation to your club as a thank you for shopping with them.
  3. Ask club members to help you raise money by signing up to support your easyfundraising page. Once you’ve registered your club, you’ll have your own club page with an individual URL. Share this URL with your supporters so they can find your club and sign up to support it. – business contributions

You can raise even more for your club through business contributions.

With 3,000 retailers giving free donations through easyfundraising, including some of the biggest names in office supplies, materials, equipment, accommodation and travel, there is huge fundraising potential in getting a business supporter on board – and we want to help your club find yours.

Start with your club – speak to the person in charge of buying resources and ask them to register with easyfundraising. Each time they stock up on equipment, resources and supplies online via the site, they raise free money for the club. Let them know that easyfundraising has many business retailers that can offer some exclusive easyfundraising incentives.

Many of the players at your club will have jobs in which they or a colleague of theirs will be in charge of buying for the business. Perhaps one of your players works for a company as a sales rep travelling the UK and abroad. If their travel and accommodation bookings were made online through easyfundraising, the financial benefits for your club would be significant.

There are many local businesses on your doorstep that could support your club with every online purchase they make – at no extra cost, how could they say no? Solicitors, accountants, corner shops, restaurants, plumbers… they all buy online.