Temporary Staffing Arrangements

April 13, 2020

In response to the challenges faced by the Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic and to support its long time sustainability and the roles of its employees, Suffolk Cricket Board has furloughed members of its staff.

This will mean a reduced service in a some areas but Club support will continue as fully as possible. This decision has been taken to protect the interests of cricket in the County during this period of practical inactivity but rest assured we will be ready to pick up in all areas as soon as restrictions are lifted.

Suffolk Cricket Board has furloughed staff until the end of May 2020 with weekly reviews enabling us to evaluate the need to change staffing as the circumstances change.

Support for our club network during the COVID19 pandemic will be crucial. Rob Jones will be available to support clubs at this stage and we are continually liaising with ECB and key partners to understand any additional support for clubs.

Suffolk Cricket Board appreciates the coming months will be difficult for all clubs and our primary concern is for the health, welfare and livelihoods of all our clubs, players, supporters and volunteers.

Members of the team still working at the current time are below:

Rob Jones – rjones@suffolkcricket.org | 07738 199152 | 01473 781

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