Stephen Lilley & Ron Raisey

Association of Suffolk Cricket Umpires

Welcome to the home of the Association of Suffolk Cricket Umpires and Scorers. The Association exists to support all of our members and clubs in this key area of the game, which is sometimes overlooked or simply taken for granted.

Cricket in Suffolk cannot develop without a strong team in this area, and we are always on the look-out for new members.

The Association supports both umpires and officials in the following areas:

  • Training and development for both new and current officials.
  • To provide a regular meeting Forum to share best practice and discuss new legislation and directives.
  • To manage the appointment of Umpires to all of the relevant league structures and County representative sides

Suffolk’s Association of Cricket Umpires and Scorers has been in existence for more than 50 years and during that time, the association has gone from strength to strength, embracing many changes while staying true to the roots of its origination.

Umpires are provided from the association to all levels of cricket, from Minor Counties to Suffolk Youth, as well as the East Anglian Premier League, the Marshall Hatchick Two Counties Championship, Suffolk Cup/Plate, Federation Cup/Plate, Over-50s and Over-60s games and a variety of festival matches.

The aim of the association is to get all its members to officiate in these games to the best of their ability and use their knowledge of the Laws of Cricket. Players will not always feel that umpires make the right decisions and everyone, even at the highest level, makes mistakes, but umpires are only human and the errors genuine ones without a degree of bias to one side or the other.

The association also likes to see progression within its ranks and the support is always there for umpires to reach the highest level available. Over the years, several members have served on the Minor Counties panel and one is currently umpiring at County 2nd XI level.

At present, the association has in excess of 50 members, but it is always on the lookout for more to join its ranks. New umpires, or scorers, can join by contacting the secretary, Allison Heathcote, and then taking part in the training sessions.

There are also those who have trained in another part of the country before moving to Suffolk and our association is always pleased to welcome such colleagues.

The membership fee for the Suffolk association currently stands at £10 a year, while those umpires wishing to stand in ECB-organised matches can also belong to the ECBACO for £30 per annum.

The benefits are many and varied, from social events to serious sessions on the Laws, but the camaraderie that exists within the association is very special, while help is always at hand, whether on or off the field.

The following bullet points may also be of interest to those wanting to know more about our association:

  • After the season finishes, meetings are held on the third Monday of September, November, February and April. The meetings are at Ipswich and East Suffolk CC’s pavilion at Chantry Park, guest speakers are invited and a variety of topics discussed, as well as Law changes or revision of existing ones.
  • Performances of all umpires are monitored throughout the season via marks from captains. These are totalled up at the end of the season and each umpire is made aware of his own marks and averages.
  • On the social side, a well-attended and highly enjoyable pre-season dinner is held every year.


Chairman – Steve Lilley 
Secretary – Allison Heathcote
Treasurer – Charles Revell
Appointments – Mel Phair