All Stars

June 9, 2021

All Stars is an action packed, fun and friendly introduction to the fundamentals of cricket for children aged 5-8 years old. It is an ECB initiative designed to get children active, learning new skills, and making friends, all whilst enjoying themselves and playing cricket. A key feature of All Stars is that parents are encouraged to get involved as much as the children – the activities are fun for all!


All Stars is an 8-week programme which is pre-structured by the ECB to ensure all sessions are easy for Activators to follow and fun for children and adults to be a part of. Each session is oriented around a different principle of cricket – batting, bowling, fielding – and children are encouraged to give everything a go. By working on basic skills such as hitting the ball, bowling straight, and catching and throwing, the children are exposed to the fundamental skills of cricket, whilst enjoying themselves and involving in friendly competition with family and/or friends towards the end of each session.


All Stars only functions due to the amazing work of the Activators involved. Activators are adults who are specifically trained in running All Stars sessions and ensuring that the children involved have an enjoyable experience at All Stars. Activators can be anyone from parents and friends to coaches and full-time cricketers. To be an Activator requires no prior knowledge of the sport; instead, an excitement to run the sessions, a willingness to learn at the training course, and a focus on engagement, energy, and enjoyment is all that is necessary.


Since its launch in 2017, All Stars has seen over 5000 children in England and Wales get involved in cricket. In Suffolk we have 28 All Stars club centres located spanning the entire county and involving over 450 All Stars. Of this number over 100 are girls and we hope to continue to grow this number in forthcoming years.


For more information on how to register your child for All Stars or how to become an Activator yourself, please follow the link to the ECB website where you can also find details on your local All Stars club centre. Follow the hashtag #BigMoments for photos and updates on All Stars in Suffolk and nationally this Summer.

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