Evie Booker

June 16, 2021

Evie Booker is part of the U15 Suffolk County Girls team and plays her club cricket for Melton St. Audry’s cricket club. Evie is also involved in the Sunrisers emerging players programme (EPP), designed to support and develop talented youngsters in East Anglia.

Evie had plenty to say on her background in cricket, her love for the sport, and her advice for any other cricketers out there.



How many years have you been playing cricket?

I played my first hardball match at 6, playing for Bungay U9 boys with my brother Joe, so 8 years.

How did you get into cricket?

I have been playing cricket as long as I can remember, I have 3 older brothers who always played, and I joined in whenever they let me

What is your best cricketing achievement?

I have lots, my first hattrick at the age of 8, playing in an U9 boys match, my 101 for Suffolk U13 girls at 12, but probably my bowling performance for Suffolk U13 when I was 11 verses Essex 4 over 4 maidens 2 wickets for 0, this got me noticed by the Essex coach and a place into the Essex EPP program, which has led to the Sunrisers EPP at the moment.

What is your favourite ground you have played at, and why?

Southwold, I played there as a junior and had a great season playing for the mens 2nd team when I was 12, great memories.

What is the funniest thing you have seen on a cricket field?

The funniest moment I’ve seen is when my dad was playing cricket and he was fielding mid-off and the ball was smashed really fast at him, so he decided to turn his back and use his bum to stop the ball.

Who are your cricketing idols?

Kathrine Brunt and Ben Stokes, both players with attitude.

What would be your walk out song (if you had one)?

High to hell (ACDC)

What is your go to shot when batting?

Back and front foot cut

Describe your cricketing self in three words.

All round  er

What is your staple cricket tea item/What’s the best cricket team item?

My Mum makes the best cricket teas, teams would come to Southwold just for her teas, lots of chocolate. When I play at Southwold a member of the club made really nice samosas.

If you had to commentate on one moment in cricket history, what would you choose?

Ben Stokes winning the ashes with jack leach, what a 1 not out from leachy “outstanding”

What is your favourite thing about cricket?

Being part of a team

What would be your dream to achieve in cricket?

Captain England

Do you have a particular pre-match routine?

Pads on, score 100, eat mcdees

What is your favourite warm up activity

Playing football (very close 2nd to cricket in my life) – playing football takes your mind off cricket for a little.

What is the weirdest thing in your cricket bag?

Pink parachute for training days : )

If you could have any female international player in your team, who would you pick and why?

Katherine Brunt, great fast bowler, lots of attitude, wants to win.

What one piece of advice would you give someone starting the sport?

Sometimes it’s hard, but it’s only a game at the end of the day and you have to enjoy it. Also, you have to accept that you’re going to have bad days, but you will have more good days then bad.



To follow Evie this season for club and county go to the links below:




Good luck Evie!

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