St. Margaret’s CC

June 19, 2021

St. Margaret’s Cricket Club was formed in 1948 and is located in central Ipswich. St Margaret’s currently has a cohort of girls playing at U13 level and at other ages within their mixed junior teams, and hosts Dynamos cricket for 8–11-year-old boys and girls.

Read on to find out what chairman Nigel Howlett had to say about the club and how he would explain cricket to someone.



Sum up your club in three words. 

(An) Ipswich based Club

What is the one piece of advice you would give to a woman/girl starting cricket?

Practice and enjoy your fielding, and you will then enjoy cricket a lot more.

Who are your players to watch for this season? (What are their roles in the team? Why are they ones to watch?) 

Any of our youngsters who have broken into the 1st or 2nd XI teams

What is the best moment from your team/club’s history?  

Apologies for providing more than one answer, but getting promoted to the Two Counties Division One, after winning Divison Two in 1988 (sadly we were relegated after one season!).

Followed by winning The Suffolk Plate Final in 1999.

 If you could have any player join your club, who would it be?

Sarah Taylor or Sophie Ecclestone.

What are your aims for this season?

For the club to fulfil its fixtures and for players to enjoy the games, win (or lose).   And for our youngsters to cement their places in our adult sides.

If you had to explain cricket to someone in no more than 50 words, what would you say?

A game that is easier to watch than explain.

A game that is made to look harder than it actually is.

A game that you can get immense enjoyment from as a player or spectator.



For more information on St. Margarets CC and to follow their 2021 campaign, go to their Play-Cricket page or email Lara Neild for contact details.


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