Evie Tassell

June 20, 2021

Evie is an extremely gifted cricketer and a member of Suffolk’s U13 squad this season. Evie is an exciting player when she plays cricket for both her club Yoxford CC in east Suffolk and for her school team at Framlingham College. We are eager to see where her cricket takes her and think she is a great asset to any team she plays for.


For more on Evie’s cricket, keep reading on – including her most notable achievements in cricket, her pre-match routine, and the weirdest item you would find in her cricket bag!



How many years have you been playing cricket?

5 years – since I was 7.

How did you get into cricket?  

My dad was playing and we started playing in the garden.

What is your most notable/best cricketing achievement?

Getting the highest ever U11 Girls score for Suffolk – 72 not out against Cambridgeshire aged 10.

What is your favourite ground you have ever played at, and why?  

The Malvern Festival as it was really fun.

What is the funniest thing you have seen on a cricket field?

My brother stripping down to his pants on the boundary.

Who is your cricketing idol?    

Ash Barty

What is your go to shot when batting?  

Pull Shot

What is your role in your team?  

Fast Bowler and Top Order Batsman

What is the best cricket team item?  

Ham and cucumber sandwich

Which ‘Hundred’ side will you be supporting?  

Oval Invincibles

What is your favourite thing about cricket?  

Playing with my friends

What would be your dream to achieve in cricket?

A century

Do you have a particular pre-match routine/ritual?  

I tap my bat and I bounce

What is the weirdest thing in your cricket bag?  

Crushed up Pringles

What one piece of advice would you give someone starting the sport?  

Enjoy it

What is your favourite warm up activity?

Bouncy ball and warming up to the loud music that Terry our coach plays!



To follow Evie’s cricket this season, go to the Suffolk U13 play-cricket page or Yoxford CC’s play-cricket page


Have a great season Evie!


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