Young Leaders in Cricket Programme

February 9, 2022

With another season fast approaching, we all know the importance of volunteers. We would like introduce you to the Young Leaders programme which is aimed at getting 14–16 yrs involved in volunteering in cricket at your club.

Following completion of the course, we will work with the young leaders, their parents / guardians and respective club and / or school to highlight and provide volunteer opportunities that benefit all concerned.

It is planned that the course modules delivered by qualified respective tutors will take place during the school holidays (Easter and May half-term), subject to venue and tutor availability. Our intention is to run more than one course (max 14 attendees), with locations to be guided by expressions of interest detailed below.

There is a subscription of £40 to join the programme per participant to cover the cost of the course delivery and administration. 

An online call has been setup for Thursday 17th February 7pm for anyone interested in the programme which will be open to parents/participants. (Please Note: The online link will be provided to those who sign-up via the expression of interest form at the bottom of the email)

 If any 14-16yrs person, along with their parent / guardian wishes to express an interest in the programme, please complete the form via the link below;

 Registration for Enthuse Evening (

 Please Note: By booking onto an Enthuse presentation, you are not committing to the programme.

 If you are unable to attend, however would like to find out more about the programme, you can register your interest on the link as well.

The Benefits

The benefits for a teenagers taking part in the programme would be:

  • To develop Cricket leadership and life skills.
  • To improve understanding of the positive impact coaching can have.
  • To gain qualifications and life skills.
  • To become a role model and mentor to younger members of the club and school.
  • To contribute towards Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, bronze medal and potentially silver (but check with your local DOE organiser)
  • To use in University/College Personal Statement and/or CV.

The Programme

The programme is organised into the following modules:

  • ECB Activators Coaching module (3 hour course)
  • ECB Scoring and umpiring (3 hour course)
  • GMA Groundwork (2 hour course)
  • First Aid (3 hour course)
  • Fundraising with Social Media (1 hour online)
  • Mental Toughness  (1 hour online)

Awards & Certificates

On completion of the programme participants will receive relevant certification and “rewards” (to be confirmed !)

Volunteering Opportunities

Participants will be required to volunteer for 20 or more hours at a club. The following provides a few examples of the activity you can get involved in;

  • Umpiring
  • Scoring
  • Helping with Pitch preparation and ground maintenance
  • Coaching
  • Warm up
  • Managing teams
  • Kit management
  • Results management
  • Fundraising

If you would like more information about the programme, please CLICK HERE.



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