Women and Girls’

In Suffolk we cater for female cricketers of all ages and abilities, and currently boast over 25 clubs offering opportunities for women and girls. This has grown significantly with the number of clubs involved in women and girls cricket more than doubling over the past decade.


Women and girls’ clubs in Suffolk offer players the chance to progress and develop their cricket, with players spanning the entire pathway from club softball to Sunrisers regional cricket. Suffolk leagues and events allow all players to play and enjoy club cricket.


These include:

  • Women’s East Anglian Premier League (40 overs)
  • Two Counties Ladies Performance (20 overs)
  • Two Counties Ladies Development (20 overs)
  • ECB Women’s Outdoor Softball Cricket Festivals
  • ECB Women’s Indoor Softball Cricket Festivals
  • Gainsborough Indoor Softball League
  • Suffolk Hundred Cricket Festival


Suffolk Cricket also engages with over 400 girls across numerous primary and secondary schools through our engagement with Chance to Shine and ECB competitions.

These include:

  • ECB Kwik Cricket Competitions
  • ECB Lady Taverners Indoor Tournaments (U13 Girls and U15 Girls, including local rounds and finals day)
  • Chance to Shine Chance to Compete Summer Festival



ECB Initiatives – Women and Girls

All Stars Cricket

This year we had over 120 girls take part in All Stars across almost 30 centres in Suffolk The programme aims to involve more children aged between 5 and 8 years old in softball cricket, through enjoyable and stimulating cricket-related activities.


For more information on All Stars and how to find your local centre, head to our tab on All Stars cricket or the ECB All Stars webpage.


Dynamos Cricket

More than 80 girls took part in the inaugural year of Dynamos cricket in Suffolk, with 20 clubs hosting the program. The program compliments youth club cricket for boys and girls aged 8-11 years old and follows on effectively from All Stars cricket. The focus of the sessions is to progress from coaching to match play, encouraging players to develop their match skills.


For more information on Dynamos Cricket and how to find your local centre, head to our Dynamos cricket tab or the ECB Dynamos webpage.


Women’s Softball Cricket Festivals

Women’s Softball Cricket Festivals are a great way to get more women and girls introduced to cricket, with over 100 new female players taking part in Women’s Softball Cricket Festivals across Suffolk in summer 2021. These festivals are accessible to all abilities but focus specifically on complete beginners and on the enjoyment of the game. The ECB player guide provides further information on the aim and purpose of these festivals. Rules for different possible formats for your club festival can be found below.


For more information on hosting a women’s softball festival or how to get involved yourself, please visit the ECB Women’s Softball Cricket webpage or contact Lara Neild for information on clubs near you.



Useful Resources

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Standard Scoresheets



For more information on women and girls’ cricket in Suffolk or assistance with any of the above, please contact our women & girls’ participation and development officer, Lara Neild.