Pitch Inspection Services

The Suffolk County Board County Pitch Advisor David Oakes is available to assess and advise on pitches, outfields and machinery, and are able to provide suitable information for raising the standard of playing surfaces in the County.

These services are designed to improve the quality of the playing surface, improve the standard of the grounds equipment and to offer practical solutions which will assist in this improvement. Inspections fall into two categories:-

Basic Pitch Inspection
  • Detailed inspection of the pitch and assessing the core samples taken.
  • Assessment of the outfield.
  • Machinery audit.
  • Provide verbal and written feedback to clubs including photographs.
Detailed Pitch Inspection
  • Detailed inspection of the cricket square to assess the current quality of the pitches. Core samples will be taken and assessed.
  • Soil sampling and pH values can be requested.
  • Assessment of the outfield.
  • Machinery audit and any guidance on replacement equipment.
  • As well as verbal discussions of the day of inspection, a full comprehensive written report including any recommendations will be made available to the club. Photographs will also be included.

The cost of the detailed inspection will range from £100 – £250.00 depending if soil testing is requested. The basic inspection charge will be £50.00. The cost includes the CPA’s time, travelling expenses and the provision of a written report.

In the first instance if you require any of these services please contact:-

Rob Jones

Operations Manager Suffolk County Cricket Board

Mobile: 07738 199152

Email: rjones@suffolkcricket.org

Contact details for The County Pitch Advisors are below:-

David Oakes

Mobile: 07500892442 | Email: dwoakes1954@outlook.com